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What is Corazón?

Corazón, Inc. is a 99% volunteer-run, nonprofit, nondenominational corporation formed in 1978.   We began by meeting the immediate needs of the families with food, blankets, clothing and home repairs. We have learned through hard experience that we need to work with the family over a period of time, assisting with many of their needs, but also requiring them to help others, as they are capable. We call this integrated approach to service “comunidad Corazón”, and all of our projects conform to the comunidad Corazón approach to helping our neighbor. We believe in providing as many volunteers as possible with the incredible experience of directly helping and working with the comunidad Corazón participants, rather than just asking people to send money. 

What are the dates?

The Build day is Not sure, stand by for more... Our plan is to drive down on Friday, May 31st, build on the 1st (we meet at 6AM in Chula Vista) and return on the 2nd.

Where will we stay

A church on the border will host us for Friday and Saturday nights. We will worship with our host parish before we head north. You can also stay at a local motel if you like, we will arrange to pick you and drop you off.
Host church is:
To be determined!

For more information, contact Mark Spaulding at Holy Cross Episcopal Church
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